Easy to Use Accounting Software

Are you searching for accounting software that offers all of the following?

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Available for you to try right now at no risk
  • Is designed for non-accountants to use
  • Offers free support and upgrades for life
  • Incredibly popular with small businesses and start-ups
  • Affordable


You’ve come to the right place. KashFlow is all of the above and much more. Email Us to start your 60 day, free, no obligation trial. No credit card needed.

Discover KashFlow

Accounting Software Designed for You

The difference between our award winning software and other accounting software products is simple: KashFlow was designed by small business owners, to be used by small business owners.

Everything else seems to be designed by accountants and for accountants and is full of confusing jargon and procedures. KashFlow was created specifically to deal with this problem and to provide something you can use with absolutely no training.

Although the software has been tested and approved by the bean counters.

Once you start your free trial, you’ll see exactly why we receive so many emails from happy customers.

How the trial works

60 Day, No Obligation Trial

We believe that once you’ve had the chance to try our accounting software, you’ll be very happy with it. For that reason we are offering a 2 month free trial.

We want you to trial the software right now, so to make things as easy as possible we don’t ask you for card details and you don’t have to remember to cancel your trial by a certain date. If you don’t like it, you simply walk away and forget about it.

If you like what you see, you can pay up at any time.

Support is provided free of charge to all users.

Email Us today info@mccarthyaccountants.com to start your free trial – you’ll be up and running in minutes