Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

We can meet the various professional bookkeeping & accounting services requirements of your organization. We reduce all your workload and other queries like maintaining all bookkeeping and financial accounting details, preparation of bank reconciliation statement by providing a cost effective and accurate financial bookkeeping, financial accounting and bookkeeping accounting services to you.

Our bookkeeping accounting services includes:

  • Bank Reconciliations – a process that explains the difference between the bank balance shown in your business bank statement, as supplied by the bank, and the corresponding amount shown in the organisation’s own accounting records at a particular point in time.
  • General Ledger Upkeep – this is a collection of the group of accounts that supports the value items shown in the major financial statements.
  • Accounts Payable – we can keep record of amounts owed by the business and not paid as of a period end.
  • Accounts Receivable – we can keep record of amounts owed to the business and not received as of a period end.
  • Payroll Processing – see PAYE and Payroll Service.
  • Payment & Terms
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Tax Return Preparation – see our tax return services – we cover VAT, CT, PAYE, RCT among others.

We use following bookkeeping software;

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