Stamp Duty Returns

We can assist you filing your Stamp Duty return.

Stamp duty is charged on various items including (but not limited to);

  • Credit/ Debit cards
  • ATM cards
  • Cheques
  • Property transfers
  • Certain court documents

Stamp duties fall into two main categories:

  1. Duties payable on a wide range of legal and commercial documents, including (but not limited to) conveyances of property, leases of property, share transfer forms and certain agreements. Depending on the nature of the document, the duty is either ad valorem or of fixed amount. Prior to 31 December 2009, the duties in this category were denoted by means of stamps affixed to or impressed on the document. Following the introduction of the eStamping system, all instruments must be stamped by means of attaching the stamp certificate, obtained under the eStamping system, to the instrument.
  2. Duties and levies payable by reference to statements. These duties and levies mainly affect banks and insurance companies and include a duty in respect of financial cards (e.g. Credit, ATM, Laser and Charge cards) and levies on certain insurance premiums and certain statements of interest.