Unsure if you need to file an income tax return or not?

Do you work as a freelancer or self employed?

You are probably asking yourself “Do I need to file a tax return?”

Generally, speaking you are required to submit a personal tax return Form 11 or Form 12 if:

  • You are self employed – did you start a business or receive any non paye income in the year of your tax return?
  • You are in receipt of rental income – did you start to rent a property in 2010 or receive rental income from a room you are renting in your home?
  • You are in receipt of investment income (e.g. dividends etc.) did you receive any dividends or deposit interest in this year?

  • You received share options from your employer – did your shares options received from your company vest or mature in this year?
  • You are a director and own more than 15% of a company – did you become a Director of a company in this year?
  • You are in receipt of other non PAYE income (e.g. foreign income etc.) which is greater than €3,174? More confused ? Don’t be……

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