We offer the following Compliance Services


  • Preparation of the Annual Return Form B1The Annual Return is a document setting out certain prescribed company information which is required to be delivered by an Irish company, whether trading or not, to the CRO once at least in every calendar year. For more detailed information on the Annual Return, see our dedicated section here.
  • Advice and assistance in relation to all corporate formalities –  including preparation of documents and submissions to Companies Registration Office such as Appointment/Resignation of Directors, Change of Shareholders, Change of Registered Address etc.
  • Maintaining Companies’ Statutory Records – Every company is required by law to have a set of statutory books and records and to maintain them. Companies usually keep these official documents in a company register, where they can be ordered in a logical fashion. The maintenance of statutory books implies that the records are kept up to date and where necessary, are adjusted to reflect any changes that have taken place within the company.
  • Preparation of minutes and resolutions to fulfil year end formalities – Company minutes form part of the company’s statutory books and similar to other items contained in the records, must be available for public inspection provided the appropriate notice is provided.
  • Voluntary Strike Off Services – we can arrange for your company to be struck off, at an unbeatable price – see more detail in our dedicated section here.


Other Advice

  • Advice on and assistance with setting up a business (e.g. Company formation & Branch or Place of Business Registration).
  • Constitutional changes – special objects/amendments to Articles of Association.
    Changes of name and advice on sensitive names.
  • Accounting reference date queries.
  • Allotment, transfer, transmission of shares.
  • Re-registrations.
  • Law and good practice relating to meetings.