We offer a range of Tax Services including:

  • Assistance with the preparation and filing of tax returns with the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Assistance with all tax categories, whether you are a PAYE-only employee, self employed, or a Director of your own company, we can assist you with all taxes you are liable for.
  • We can negotiate on your behalf with the Revenue Authorities.
  • We also offer consultation and planning services concerning the tax implications of organising a business – acquisitions, disposals, capital restructuring and reorganisations.
  • Company planning including Directors Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Capital Acquisitions Tax and retirement planning.
  • Expert advice in relation to taxes – follow the links on the left or below to find out more!
  • Tax Refund – see our dedicated section on how to get your tax refund back!


Income Tax – Whether you are an individual with a single source of income or an individual with multiple sources of income, both domestic and foreign, we can assist you.

VAT – We can assist you in filing returns and offer advice to ensure you are claiming the proper amount of VAT on business outlay.

PAYE – We can assist you as an employee (check correct tax is being deducted, correct credits are being applied etc.) or an employer (prepare and file all relevant returns P35, P30, P45, P60s).

Corporation Tax – We can assist companies with their annual corporation tax return Form CT1 and advise how best to minimize their liability to corporation tax.

Other Tax Categories – We offer assistance in all other tax categories including Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax (CAT), Relevant Contracts Tax, Stamp Duty, Professional Withholding Tax (F45s). Just click on the relevant tax or follow our links along the left side bar for more information!