Cloud computing is where business is headed –

For many starting a new business venture is daunting. You build your start-up’s infrastructure piece by piece as you need it. Obstacles such as capital investment sometimes are a necessary evil. When it has come to ICT systems as are required, the capital investment in them is painful when you’re operating on a shoe-string.

Right now, times are challenging. Sure, it’s times like these they say that “it’s never cheaper to start a business.” Yeah, tell that to the bank statements you’re keeping an eye on vigilantly while you’re learning to walk, and where everything seems to be ‘outgoing’ with nothing incoming.

You’ve heard the countless ads on radio about “cloud computing” saving you money. You’re sceptical because you know that what sounds too good to be true, most often than not usually is. Also, you’re not a ‘techie person’. You don’t have time to be trying to get to grips with processors, RAM, CPU cycles, storage systems. Nor are you abound with resources to take on someone who is. You just want something ‘that works’.

Cloud Computing solutions can often be the solution to those problems, especially when issues such as set-up, capital investment & on-going maintenance of more traditional solutions just really put a pinch on your desire to try be as nimble as possible as you get up and running.


 Xero – Online Accounting System

The one system we recommend everyone should use. This industry-leading and fully featured accounting program also happens to be amazingly easy and fun to use.  Its the smartest choice you’ll make.

  • Direct bank feeds make reconciliation as easy as checking your email
  • Create invoices at the touch of a button (and directly email them to slash your postage costs)
  • Track income and outgoings with ease – know what’s coming in and going out at any moment
  • Deal with expense claims with ease
  • Automatically generate a fixed asset register and manage depreciation
  • Automatic foreign currency conversion for businesses with overseas sales
  • Xero integrates with PayPal; accept credit card payments and reconcile PayPal transactions
  • Avoid trouble before it happens – Denis Breen and Co will set you up and always be there to see exactly where you’re at and (where you’re headed) all year round, and head off any nasty surprises that might be lurking around the corner



We recommend this free software for staying in touch anywhere in the world

  • Book-keepers and In-house Accountants can get answers to questions immediately
  • Face to Face conversations build relationships
  • Skype is free
  • Keeps regular office lines available.



Excellent time tracking, job management and quoting – you’ll never miss a chargeable hour again.

  • Email quotes and assign jobs to staff at the touch of a button
  • Set step-by-step milestones within jobs so staff know exactly what’s required
  • Keep tabs on how jobs are progressing against budget
  • Capture all of those 5-minute “can you just…” jobs – and bill for them
  • Manage purchase orders and a supplier database
  • Measure staff and job performance with detailed reporting
  • Integrates seamlessly with Xero
 We are launching our “Client Job Dashboard” on the login section of our website, so you (our client) can log into your Job and see the progress that has been made, milestones that are set and documents shared. It brings transparency to a new level 


Sharefile – Client Portal

We interact with our clients like no other Irish Accounting Firm. No need to transfer files by Email, with give you an online data folder so we can transfer, upload, download and organise files between us. This is our secure, encrypted online file repository.


Capsule CRM

Stop rifling through your desk drawers looking for misplaced business cards. Here’s a system that keeps all your client information at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

  • Keep track of contacts, leads, customers and suppliers
  • See what opportunities are in the pipeline, and what needs to be done when
  • Fully customisable to match your business needs – from whatever data fields you need to adding your company colours and logo
  • Make sure things get completed – set dates and times to keep in touch with your key clients
  • Manage your sales pipeline with an at-a-glance dashboard
  • Tracks your emails and attachments so you can easily look up what you’ve said and what you’ve sent to whom
  • Integrates seamlessly with Xero


Google Docs

Replaces Microsoft Office. Say what? Yes, you heard us correctly. Google Docs is the new way to edit and store document information, from the people who brought you the way to search the internet.

  • Replaces Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint with no upfront software purchase
  • You can still store and share documents in any standard format (Word .doc, Excel .xls, PowerPoint .ppt, and of course PDF)
  • No need for a Microsoft Exchange server – everything is backed up online
  • Access documents from your desk, on the road, at home and on your mobile phone, even when you’re offline
  • Internet too slow? You can work offline and then automatically synchronise at set times
  • Users can edit the same file at the same time – no more “who’s got the latest version?” nightmares
  • Scan, save and share paper-based postal mail
  • Keep a central register for Board reporting, company information and statutory documentation



A retail point-of-sale and stock management software you’ll actually love to use.

  • Modern, easy-to-use interface
  • Mouse and keyboard or touch-based input, the choice is yours
  • Works with any computer. It also integrates with everything else you already own: barcode scanner, cash drawer, receipt printer…even your iPad
  • Works even when your internet connection doesn’t, so you’ll never lose a sale (your data automatically syncs the next time you connect)
  • Supports price breaks, discounts, sale campaigns, location or customer-specific pricing, barcodes and multiple tax rates
  • Automatically re-orders when stock runs low (with optional multi-location stock control)
  • Scales with the size of your business
  • Seamlessly integrates with Xero