Pay & File 2011

The final filing date for submission of the paper version of the 2010 Income Tax return (Form 11/11E) is the 31st October 2011. As this date falls on a Bank Holiday Monday, Revenue has put the following arrangements in place:

  • Over the course of the weekend and including the Bank Holiday Monday, returns and payments may be dropped in to the post boxes in Sarsfield House, Francis Street, Limerick. There will not be any facility to acknowledge receipt of deliveries. All such returns received by 9:00 am on Tuesday 1 November will be deemed as meeting the filing deadline.
  • As in previous years, returns with a postmarked date of 31st October will also be deemed as meeting the filing deadline.

Customers using Revenue On-line Service to both file and pay have until midnight 15th November 2011.

There is still time to register to take advantage of the extension mentioned above. Contact Us Now for a Free Initial Consultation  in order to reduce the possibility of possible interest, penalties and surcharges  for not filing and paying on or before the income tax deadline