This statement discloses the privacy practices and policies for McCarthyAccountants. If you have any questions about these practices and policies, please e-mail us at

Please also see our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

McCarthy Accountants respects your personal privacy. We strive to protect any personal information you give to McCarthy Accountants (address, name, email address, visa card details) etc. If it is necessary for us to request any personal information the purpose of doing so will be disclosed. Information collected is used to complete transactions that you authorize.

Credit card details are destroyed once verified, they are processed by Realex and McCarthy Accountants cannot access your card details. The information contained in the database can only be used for corporate purposes pertaining to McCarthy Accountants.

If you supply us with your address, we may use your address to send our newsletter

If you pay an invoice online, we only request the information needed to complete the processing of your payment.

It may be necessary to share the users personal information with the  relevant credit card processing companies in order to process payment. User information may be used to compile site traffic statistics but the information does not include any information that is personally identifiable.

Prevention of Fraud
McCarthy Accountants reserves the right to co-operate with local, national or international law enforcement authorities in the investigation of improper or unlawful activities. If a specific investigation requires personal information supplied it may be necessary to disclose personal information relating to those individuals.

Site Security
McCarthy Accountants will use the necessary security safeguards to protect personal information against, loss, theft and unauthorised access. Any personal information supplied provided by the web user is exchanged on a secure server. It is important to note that an e-mail is NOT a secure means to send personal information as it is not encrypted.