The due date for filing and paying the annual P35 Return, RCT 35 Return and F35 Return is the 15th of February 2012. Those who wish to file and pay their returns online using Revenue Online Service (ROS), the deadline is extended to 23rd February 2012.

P35 Tax Deadline February 15th 23rd

What is a Form P35?

The P35 Return shows all PAYE and PRSI employee & employer deductions for the relevant tax year it is normally accompanied by the P35L which details the deductions for each specific employee
Employers are strongly reminded of the importance of the correct recording of PPS numbers for each employee on their returns. This is so the Revenue and Department of Social Protection can ensure that all employee details are stored correctly on their system. The PPS numbers to be included in the P35 should correspond to the most recent Tax credit cert which would have been issued to you by the Revenue.

What is a Form RCT35?

The RCT35 Return is to be filed by Principal Contractors who subcontract work in the construction, meat processing and forestry industries. It is a two part form consisting of an annual declaration of gross payments and tax deducted (RCT35), together with a listing of all subcontractors to whom payments were made whether tax was deducted or not. The 2011 RCT35 is the final return of this type to be filed as from 2012 onwards such contracts are recorded online through ROS.

What is Form F35?

The F35 Return is the annual return made by an accountable person declaring their PSWT liability for the tax year. It is accompanied by a schedule giving details of the total relevant payments made to, and the total PSWT deducted from, each specified person in the tax year.


Failure to File and Pay on time

Failure to submit your P35, RCT35 or F35 on time may result in a penalty of €1,000 for each month or part of the month in which the P35/RCT35 or F35 remains outstanding (subject to a maximum penalty of €4,000). Additionally you are always putting yourself at risk of a revenue audit if you don’t file on time.

Why risk the possibility of interest, penalties and / or Revenue Audit for simply being late, give John a call 014977651 to sort out your P35/RCT 35 return today.